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Learn the fundamentals of music through an epic adventure!

In this episode learn music theory during an epic adventure where the red planet needs star quests help!

You will learn:

*Dynamics of Forte

*high and low pitches

 *the concept of a beat or pulse

*do and re


 In this episode learn music theory during an epic adventure where B.e.r.t. is sent to negotiate a peace treaty on an  alien planet.  also more importantly it’s trivia night.

You will learn:

*dynamics of Mezzo Forte, and Fortissimo

 *unison and major second intervals

*whole notes and quarter notes

It’s a wonderful day for the captain to goof off and play pretend tea and humans with blurp.  Meanwhile the ship has a troubling exchange scientist on board.  Will jevan really be ok on this tough aliens home planet?

You will learn:

*History of the piano

 *Mi and mi kodaly hand sign

*eighth notes and sixteenth notes

*The musical alphabet

*The distance of an octave



Will everything work out ok for the starquest crew?  I don’t know i’m just a cartoonist.  see how the first arc of the starquest story ends.  

You will learn:


*review of intervals  and music theory concepts



Programming: Jason Berman

Starquest theme composed by: jason Berman 

Starquest theme vocals: jason Berman, Jenny gonzales, mark gonzales 

Grand Fleet Admiral Hastings: Camille Hastings (Courtesy of Leading Note Studios)

Narrator Voice: JPRewitt

Main Character art: Penzilladraws

Animation: Jason Berman

All other voices and characters: Jason Berman

A LOT OF royalty FREE ART and STOCK  assets: pixabay and storyblocks